About us

  • We are a company dedicated to the exportation and commercialization of fresh fruits and vegetables, established in 2005.
  • Our Manager and Founder, Sandra del Carpio, has more than 25 years of experience in the agro-export market.
  • We are experts in opening new markets, products and establishing prosperous business relationships, for which we are recognized in Asia, Europe, America, Central America and the Latin American market.
Our philosophy
  • "Passion for what we do"
Deliver products of the highest quality to each of our customers around the world, as well as promote the growth of our team, suppliers, customers and the entire production chain, sharing the same values ​​and fair trade.
To be a leading company in the export sector, through the integration of our teams, farmers and our stakeholders.
  • Constancy
  • Innovation
  • Punctuality