"Avocado, healthy food"
High nutritional value, good taste and rich texture. Labeled as a superfood, which is not surprising considering its health benefits.
In Greenland Peru we offer 4 different types of avocados:
  • Hass: Thick, rough skin, peels easily and presents green to dark violet when the fruit ripens. The pulp has no fiber.
  • Fort: Slightly rough skin that separates easily from the flesh, creamy pulp and with little fiber.
  • Ettinger: Smooth and shiny skin, soft and fresh taste. Pulp without fiber
  • Zutano: Bright appearance, thin skin, mild flavor. Pale green pulp with a soft texture.
Our presentations
  • 10 kilogram plastic boxes
  • Cardboard boxes of 4, 6 and 11.2 kilograms
Production schedule