"Grapes, delicious flavor in each berry"
In Greenland Peru we offer 5 different types of grapes:
  • Flame: Seedless, berries of medium to large size and red color, sweet taste.
  • Thompson: Seedless, berries of small size and green-yellow color, neutral taste.
  • Crimson: Without seed, red berries, firm and brittle, medium to large, elliptical shape. Crunchy and sweet pulp.
  • Sugraone: Large berries, elliptical, green-yellow and crunchy pulp. Neutral flavor.
  • Red Globe: Berries of big size, elliptical shape, thick skin, violet red color, fleshy pulp and fruity flavor, with medium size seeds.
Our presentations
  • 8.2 kilogram plastic boxes
  • Cardboard boxes of 4.5 and 8.2 kilograms
  • Plastic bags
  • Unitary plastic boxes
Our brands
  • Greenland Peru
  • Golden Fenix
  • Miss Pao
  • Deli Haha
Production schedule